Monday, May 6, 2019


On Saturday, May 4th , 2019, five students from Mt. Carmel Junior High School competed in the State Science Fair held this year at SIU Carbondale.  Over 1500 students, representing the 12 regions of the State of Illinois participated in the 2 day event. Eli Sherman investigated how various liquids affected the amount of spherification in a solution with sodium alginate and calcium chloride.  He received a silver award ranking. Caleb Carwile investigated if left-handed or right- handed people are more ambidextrous by timing the completion of several tasks with both hands. He received a silver award ranking and a monetary award from the Associate Chancellor for Institutional Diversity.  Liv Alka investigated the accuracy of three methods of determining the gender of Barred Rock chicks.  She received a gold award ranking and her project was chosen as the Best of Category in the Junior division for Zoology.  Owen Dougherty and Gage Kennard investigated the accuracy of estimation methods for corn yield against actual yield. They received a gold award ranking.   The process students follow for the IJAS gives these students some insight into problem solving and methods of thinking that are particular to scientists. Congratulations, on your efforts for competing with the top students in the State of Illinois! The students are taught and sponsored by Sarah Dougherty, 8th grade Science.

Liv Alka, Eli Sherman, Owen Dougherty, Gage Kennard, Caleb Carwile

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